Magnetic eyelashes or false eyelashes to stick on? What are the other serious alternatives?

I'm sure you've already tried hanging false eyelashes with glue.

Whether it was you or not who applied them, you must have noticed that your real eyelashes were taking a big hit. When you remove your glued false eyelashes, you have the sadness and pain of having torn off your real eyelashes at the same time. Them that it took you so long to see grow. And now they're dangling from the tips of your false eyelashes. But you found a solution some time ago. A much better solution.

The pseudo-revolution of magnetic eyelashes

Make an eyeliner with a product containing magnetic powder. Let it dry for a few seconds then apply special false eyelashes which will hold on their own thanks to the magnetic powder.

Put it this way, it's revolutionary. And yes it was.

Just imagine the joy it can be to be able to fix false eyelashes with just a stroke of eyeliner. What a time saver. Everything becomes simpler.

But here goes… If you've ever tried it, you know how ingenious the system is, but it's far from perfect.

Health side

Many of us are worried about the consequences that putting heavy metals on an epidermis as thin and fragile as that of our eyelids can have. And we must admit that it is a rather tenacious product. If you've ever tried to remove it, you understand what I want to talk to you about. It doesn't come off as quickly as it goes on.

The clothe

If you live in an area where it rains and is windy (as is the case almost every day during the winter), magnetic eyelashes tend to easily fail. Which is rather embarrassing, especially if you are at your workplace. With magnetic eyelashes, you should therefore expect to have to fix them more than once a day. Which is far from practical, you will agree.

Compatibility with other false eyelashes

Naturally you cannot attach just any type of false eyelashes if you have applied magnetic eyeliner. You should of course only use specific false eyelashes. And they are not all designed the same. Some are magnetized only at the ends which makes them likely to fall off more quickly during the day. It's the kind of technology that benefits its creators more than its users.

Cleaning false eyelashes

The last drawback that I noticed is the cleaning after installation. If they are easy and quick to remove, they have a major problem which is that the magnetic eyeliner line is removed from your eyelid and remains attached to the false eyelash. You therefore spend around ten minutes with a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover to remove the residue left on the false eyelashes. Long and delicate operation. The time you save during installation, you lose again during cleaning. Not all that practical.

False eyelashes that hold without glue or magnets

It was following these disappointments that I set out in search of a solution that would fill all these gaps. It was in the medical world that the formula existed, with a fixing system thanks to the air gap between 2 surfaces.

After months of testing, we managed to adapt this formula to fixing false eyelashes. In fact, it's the natural evolution of false eyelashes. At the beginning there were eyelashes to be sewn to the eyelids (as you discovered in our article on the little-known origins of our false eyelashes), then there was glue then magnetic eyeliner to finally arrive at a method that respects the health of your eyelashes.

A method that filled all the gaps that existed in those that existed before.

In summary, you have the benefits of the old methods without their flaws.

Thus, you can attach any brand of false eyelashes in a few seconds (unlike the magnetic system), hold them without problem all day, remove them and put them back on without having to redo your eyeliner and finally … Manage to remove your makeup very easily without having to spend 10 minutes cleaning your false eyelashes.

In family jargon, this is what we call having the butter, the money for butter and the smile of the creammistress.

If this new technology has just piqued your curiosity, I'll let you discover it in detail via this link. Plus you can even take advantage of the welcome offer.

See you soon,

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