The little-known origins of our false eyelashes

Who among us doesn't want to have looks to die for?

Longer, more voluminous eyelashes?

If today you find applying false eyelashes complicated, I can promise you that when you discover how women in the 19th century had to do it, you will say to yourself that for us it's a joke.

So let's look back at the surprising beginnings of false eyelashes and how today we came to offer you a technology that works... Without glue!

Before glue, you had to sew on your false eyelashes!

Since our societies existed, women have always wanted to have an exceptional look. French press clippings dating from the 19th century (1882) showed that women went so far as to have hairs sewn onto their eyelids in order to make them up at the same time as their real eyelashes. We were witnessing the birth of the first false eyelashes.

But we had to wait until the beginning of the 21st century to see the first method of applying false eyelashes appear. We owe this revolution to the British hairdresser Karl Nessler who in 1903 patented his system to offer it exclusively in these hairdressing salons.

Since that time, techniques and products have evolved, but we have always remained on a glue fixing system.

The main disadvantage of glue is the difficulty in applying false eyelashes. When it's the first time you do it, it's long and very technical. This is why many of us use the services of a beautician. The other disadvantage of glue is the complexity of removing it from our eyelashes without damaging them.

In fact, if you've ever tried to remove false eyelashes, you'll agree with me how painful, tricky, and a real danger it is for your real eyelashes. After an “attack” of this kind, you will have to wait many months before seeing them grow back. So... If you're already complaining that your eyelashes aren't long enough (and that's why you want to wear false eyelashes), it's not the glue application system that's the best. solutions.

This is why, in recent years we have seen the emergence of the solution of magnetic eyelashes. But there too, everything was not perfect even if it was better. If you're interested in this technology, we've put together a quick-to-read article that will walk you through the pros and cons of this noise-making technology.

Did you know that today it is possible to attach false eyelashes in no time without using glue which can endanger the health of your natural eyelashes...

Or even without having to place heavy metals containing, among other things, magnetic powder on your fragile eye skin?

This seemed impossible before I discovered, working in close collaboration with an independent French laboratory, that the medical world was using adhesive technology that fixed without sticking.

How is it possible?

The principle is childish and takes up that of the suction cup. To put it simply, 2 surfaces can hold together perfectly as long as there is an air gap that occurs. It's a very simple physical principle that has been intelligently adapted to false eyelashes.

Using this technology that ZARULI has decided to modify to adapt it to fixing false eyelashes, you can apply any false eyelashes in no time.

ZARULI is an ingenious eyeliner that allows you to attach any brand of false eyelashes without glue or magnet. But that's not all.

The beauty of it? You can remove them and put them back on in the same day without having to redo eyeliner with ZARULI. As long as you don't remove your makeup, ZARULI remains operational and can perfectly fix any false eyelashes and make them last throughout the day.

Come rain or shine, you can count on ZARULI to keep your false eyelashes in place.

If you feel that this innovation can allow you to wear false eyelashes at any time of the week without endangering the health of your natural eyelashes, I invite you to discover the welcome offer that we have prepared for you behind this link.

See you soon,

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