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Royal Flower Necklace in Stainless Steel

This beautiful necklace embodies timeless elegance. At its heart, a delicate stainless steel flower, a symbol of beauty and eternal growth. The flower is finely crafted, each petal capturing the light with grace. The stainless steel chain, measuring 40 cm with an extension of 5 cm, frames this flower with exquisite delicacy. This piece of jewelry offers a regal and delicate look, perfect for those who appreciate the subtle harmony between nature and sophistication.

Royal Crown Necklace in Stainless Steel

Affirm your nobility with this majestic necklace. A stainless steel crown, symbol of power and dignity, sits at the center of this jewel. Every detail of the crown is meticulously crafted, reflecting grandeur and authority. The 40 cm stainless steel chain, with a 5 cm extension, encircles your neck with grace and confidence. This necklace embodies regal charm and strength, ideal for those who relish sophistication with a touch of grandeur.